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JDP Hair Solution Introduction

Introduction to JDP Hair Solution Product Science

Argil clay and keratin hair treatment
Argil clay and keratin hair treatment is very easy to implement and is not very time consuming. Our Bio Anti Frizz hair treatment and Argil clay treatment is being used in many top salons that are present throughout the world. On average the stylist requires around 30 to 90 minutes to apply the treatment. We offer you the best keratin hair treatment and anti-frizz hair treatment which helps you to get rid of a lot of hair issues.

Affordable hair straightening:   even though it’s been thought to be expensive has been brought to very affordable price levels. This means that silky and straight hair is no longer an expensive pursuit. The reasonable price level also means that you can have a vast customer base if you are using our product line in your salon.

Universal application: the treatment can be applied for highlighted, dyed or any other type of hair. It penetrates into the inner core of the hair, thus repairing any internal damage. It also applies a coating on the hair which prevents it from any sort of further damage. This results in hair which is soft, shiny and vibrant. It also acts as a hair straightener because of its smoothening effect.

Where Science Meets Beauty

JDP Paris, Bio Anti Frizz is a revolutionary treatment for texture control and smoothening. Without any use of Thio, Formaldehyde or Sodium Hydroxide this treatment utilizes elements such as amino acids, mineral elements, keratin protein and Vitamin K which transforms hair texture from both the inner and the outer. This hair straightening treatment eliminates almost 90 to 100 percent of the frizz and the curls without inducing any damages or potential health risks that might arise with some of the other hair straightening, relaxing or smoothing agents. The treatment is also very effective in providing natural shine, movement and flair.

Apart from hair straightening JDP Paris Bio Anti Frizz is perfectly suited to all type of hair textures and offers a client with services such as hair smoothing and natural hair control.

JDP Paris, Bio anti Frizz offers a great opportunity for all women out there who are in search of long lasting solutions for their frizzy and curly hair.

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