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Behind our Products

Behind the Ingredients

Back in the ancient times, the Hindus and the Chinese have been reported to use clay in different therapies which showed excellent healing results and brisk recovery due to the minerals and the elements incorporated into clay.  Back in 3000 BC, the Egyptians were known to have used clay for devising different medicines and for mummifying their deceased preserving them through time.

During the Vietnamese wars, many people suffered from different serious injuries and burns. It was reported that they used clay baths for treating such injuries and burns. The clay bath shows great healing results and is still used in some regions of the world.

Clay is very abundant in Brazil. History says that ascot clay was very commonly used by Indians for the purpose of neutralizing the venom induced by sting of snakes, scorpions, spiders and many other poisonous insects. (Brazilian keratin treatment).

Clay is very abundant in Brazil and has been used to unlock inner beauty for centuries.


Clay has been researched to have the natural strength of Earth. These minerals have become a part of it because of its presence in natural forests, along the rivers, water sources, seas and lakes.

Behind our Products

This brings us behind our products. Our products are enriched with the great wonders of nature. We include in every bottle of our products naturally known cures for damage. Our products enriched with keratin and clay extracts will penetrate deep into you hair follicles in order to benefit your hair unlike you have ever seen before.

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